HEAT Service Management

HEAT Service Management is a robust, highly flexible IT Service Management (ITSM) application, built on IT best practices that help customers meet the dynamic needs of a growing business and achieve the highest level of service quality, delivery and performance. We offer the best Hybrid IT experience you’ll find in the industry, guaranteed.

HEAT Service Management process

With HEAT Service Management solutions you can easily request a service or change, plan for appropriate remediation measures, automatically approve and authorize the request, implement the change to your users, audit the successful completion and service level agreements associated with the change, and control your services portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction.

HEAT Service Automation

HEAT’s automated service delivery life-cycle workflow allows users to easily request a service or change:

  • Automatically approve and authorize the request
  • Plan for appropriate remediation measures…
  • Automatically deploy the changes to the end users
  • Monitor compliance and service level agreements…
  • Control your services portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction.

HEAT Modern Design

HEAT’s highly intuitive and interactive user interface offers Service Desk users quick and easy access to commonly used items, such as Quick Call Templates, Attachments & Journals. Its real-time search and filtering capabilities help users find the information they need to help resolve customer’s issues quickly and efficiently. Context based navigation means only relevant functions and information are presented to users when needed, avoiding unnecessary clutter and confusion. Dashboards give analysts and managers a real-time view of top priority issues and how the service desk is performing as a whole.

HEAT Self Service & Service Catalog

Support all types of IT services needed to be ordered via Self Service – Service Catalog. Provision new employees, install software, activate new devices and fulfill any other type of service request with an easy to configure portfolio of service offerings. Align IT services with business demands by providing an intuitive and easy to use self-service portal for any type of customer. The online e-service platform allows customers to view service management information, submit new incidents, search the knowledge base and request services.

HEAT Change Management

A strong Change Management Process is the backbone for businesses to maintaining control of their IT infrastructure. HEAT’s Change Management solution incorporates best practices templates that support complete end-to-end, life-cycle change management processes. Out-of-the-box templates provide for simple, pre-approved change process workflow and for multi-level or dynamic change approval processes -- ensuring key stakeholders are fully aware and on the same page before changes are implemented. Color-coded Change calendars give Change Managers real-time visibility and filtering capability for all changes by category, type and status.

HEAT Voice & Workflow Automation

Workflow and automation are crucial to an organization’s overall productivity and efficiency. HEAT’s Workflow designer provides users with out-of-the-box templates and pre-defined workflow blocks so they can get up and running quickly. The templates and workflow blocks can be easily modified to meet customer’s specific business requirements. The workflow designer’s graphical, drag and drop interface and voice automation allows service owners as well as non-technical managers to design and take control of their own workflows, without relying on any additional coding or technical assistance. Pre-defined integration workflow blocks seamlessly integrate to external systems and data sources so users can have access to the important information they need exactly when they need it.

HEAT Integrated Client Management

HEAT provides complete end-to-end, integrated client management capabilities enabling businesses to standardize business processes across the enterprise, manage physical, virtual and mobile devices across their lifecycle, and improve the mean time to repair. From start to finish, HEAT’s integration and automation platform can help you reduce the amount of manual IT management, while providing greater consistency and higher level of compliance. Your organization will run more efficiently and your end-users will benefit from improved performance.

HEAT Dashboards & Reporting

In order to stay on top of service quality and commitments, organizations require real-time, role-based visibility of the metrics that matter most to business performance. HEAT offers a single, expansive view of operational, financial and productivity dashboards, enabling organizations to be more informed and proactive. Out-of-the-box, balanced scorecard reporting means that organizations are provided with an extensive list of pre-defined reports -- ensuring they can measure and monitor how they are performing to the standards they have set. Role-based dashboards provide Service desk users the real-time information and the flexibility and tools they need to configure reports through the easy to use drag and drop interface.

HEAT Mobile

IT Organizations can extend the reach of their service desk into the field. Interact with the core service management solution via iOS devices to provide both online and offline usage for the mobile service technician.

HEAT Discovery

HEAT Cloud Discovery is a cloud-based asset discovery and inventory management solution for multi-site, multi-platform IT environments that allows IT to discover and audit every computer, server, printer and switch, across the network – building a comprehensive view of your IT inventory.

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HEAT Remote

Integrated troubleshooting tool to enable authorized IT staff to access and control all systems on the network. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, clients, laptops, and user-free systems. Problems can be identified and corrected from a remote location, which creates faster resolution times and helps maintain availability and employee productivity.

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